All we want and search in life is to be better than others but we didn’t realize that we already are the most beautiful, most wanted, most interesting, kindest, most important and funniest person for somebody else. We hurt the only person who cares and sees the better and true version of us. We don’t care because we know that they will be there for us no matter what. But you know what? Life isn’t a fairytail like our parents use to said to us when we were young. We need to fight for every thing that we want and take nothing for granted.

We spend all our life chasing dreams which are not ours, buy things that don’t help us to be happy and have a better time, apologizing when we didn’t do anything wrong or not apologizing when we really need to say something, making unworthy people a priority in our life or banish the best ones, but the worst thing is to regret. When you really want something, fight for it no matter how hard it is or how impossible you think it is. Time is the worst enemy. If you don’t do things at the right moment… maybe, you’ll not have another chance to try again.

Let’s stop pretending that we have the best life or that we are the richest and happiest person in the world. Look at your social accounts and tell me what do you really see? It’s definitely not your true side. We want to impress other people… okay, but why?! Because we don’t have enough confidence and we don’t like who we really are. We start to change our hair colour to be like somebody else, after that we put a lot of makeup to cover some “imperfections” (and we are almost like a wall full of painting), we make photos of what we eat and I really don’t want to say anything about this, because I will be too mean, we speak like others, we smoke, we listen the same commercial music, we are cool! No, if you’re doing all these things to impress other people you’re not cool, you don’t live your life, you just exist and I really think that you’re consuming the air with no purpose.

Have the courage to change your life and give yourself a chance to be happy. Let’s make this together, change your photo with one who really describes you and show who you really are and use #iammeandiamperfect. Have the courage to try!