See the city in a new light

Lumiere London, one of the biggest cultural events of 2016, was a free light festival in 30 locations across some of the capital’s most iconic areas like Mayfair, King’s Cross, Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street, St James’s, Trafalgar Square and Westminster. The festival took place from 14 to 17 January and it was very inspiring and definitely a must go.

If you missed this don’t worry, you can see some of my photos below and for more details you can visit the official website:


“Janet Echelman’s sculptures are inspired by fishing nets she first encountered during a trip to India. She has since gone on to exhibit her unique sculptures across the world, from Madrid to Boston, Singapore to Amsterdam.” (for more details please visit


This one is called 1.8 London and it’s made by Janet Echelman. The interesting thing it’s that everyone could change the colour and manipulates the light and patterns projected onto it, using a special app powered by Atom Bank.


The next one, The Light of the Spirit by Patrice Warrener, is for sure my favorite one because of the way it highlighted the details in these figures with a rainbow mix of colours. It actually made me really take notice of all these figures, which, to be honest, I’ve never had before. Now the Westminster Abbey is really amazing, isn’t it?!


“Patrice Warrener is recognised worldwide for his chromolithe projection system. His polychromatic illumination of buildings gives the impression of a spectacularly bright painted surface. He has designed more than 80 astounding creations and continues to share this unique art form across the globe.” (for more details you can visit:


Apparently any-FIN is possible and the funniest one is the Mayfair phone box which was turned into an aquarium. The good part is that the box still had the phone in, so the fish could call home haha.


“In a world where everyone has a mobile phone, the iconic red telephone box has become a reminder of the way things used to be.For this playful installation, artists Benedetto Bufalino and Benoit Deseille transform the famous telephone box by turning it into an aquarium full of exotic fish. By doing so, the French duo invite us to dream of travel and escape from our everyday lives.”(


One of the best it’s also the Keyframes by Groupe LAPS with their delightful dancing stick men. I was as happy as a child again, laughing and laughing and…laughing all the time, from the early beginning to the end. It was definitely a great moment and you know how they say: “If it’s not fun, you’re not doing it right.”(Bob Basso)

12620354_10208342420218369_306437292_o“Part animation and part moving sculpture, the LED figures give energy and excitement to the building with their routine. Part of the KEYFRAMES series, this new installation brings glimmers of the past to life. Get ready to reminisce!” (


Also on the Regent Street, it was the beautiful Luminéoles by Porté par le vent.

“Lit by LEDs, these brightly coloured fish dance gracefully with the elements, delighting audiences as they float and swoop through the air. Look out for the exotic flower lanterns adorning the Piccadilly area. Porté par le vent take inspiration from light and the elements for their beautiful creations, transforming everyday locations into atmospheric dreamlands. Venture into their imaginary world and see Piccadilly as never before.” (


The Elephantastic was really…fantastic, and the best part was that you could see him from the both sides. “Emerging stomping from a cloud of dust, an enormous elephant makes his slow, and heavy journey through the archways. This extraordinary animated projection brings the sounds of the jungle to Central London as he trumpets his way through the Regent Street area.”(



After I saw all these great pieces of art on Regent Street, I went to Mayfair and there I found on the Piccadilly Arcade two long-forgotten proverbs rewritten in neon who still have significance today: “For the beloved one longs most” and “Patience is halfway to happiness.” I’m agree with the first one, but is patience the safest way to happiness? We need only to wait and something good will come in our life and everything will be different? I don’t think so. If you want to have success, you really need to work hard for everything. At least if you want to remain honest and to keep your integrity. What do you think? Leave a comment below.



The next one is 195 Piccadilly, who explores the different genres of cinema and television using images from BAFTA’s archive. It was colorful and I really enjoyed the soundtrack, created by Ed Carter and “inspired by the classic sounds that helped define these genres of film and television”. Another great inspiration!! (




Unfortunately, I couldn’t see all the installations from this great festival, but I really adored the ones above. I hope you enjoyed my post and my photos and please don’t hesitate to leave some comments below. Follow my Instagram and Facebook accounts for more daily news. I wish you a great week!