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What fashion is and is not?

Nowadays it seems that everyone knows what fashion is and everyone is wearing “fashionable” clothes, but they truly know that the real fashion means art?

For me the real fashion is style and elegance; is attitude. It’s not just about following stupid trends and it’s really sad that everybody is going to wear exactly the same thing, even if suits or not. If you want to be special and “fashionable” you need to start to build your own style. If you follow the trends and “the masses” you can be in or out of fashion, not in the middle; black or white, grey doesn’t exist here. But the reality is that fashion will definitely change; “the essence of fashion is change”(C.Breward) but if you have your own style you can’t go wrong. 

Fashion is a form of art with a purpose but it depend of your form of life and here are two types of persons: the ones who follow fashion and trends, like I said before and the ones who are only consumers. If we have a look in the past we see exactly the same thing: the social elite influences fashion and dictates the “good taste” because of the rang, but they don’t have freedom and they feel really uncomfortable. For example, between 1800-1900 the skirt is getting bigger and bigger and at the end it becomes normal again. Why? Because from the beginning we were afraid to express who we really are and we were afraid to reflect this in our clothes.

12782108_10153620746128547_2143169489_n(Photo taken by Hasan Bitirin for Armani Exchange)

The idea is that fashion takes our devotion away from ourselves while style brings our attention directly to ourselves. I think it’s all about sincerely knowing yourself, loving yourself exactly the way you are right now and dressing to honor that. It’s easy to copy someone else’s style because you like it or you want to be like that person, but you should think about what do you really like and what do you really want. You should dress to impress yourself. In the English Dictionary fashion means: “clothes that you ​wear or something ​else that you own in ​order to ​attract ​attention and show other ​people the ​type of ​person you are”. Ahaha so the only thing we care about is to attract attention. We need to hear everyday that we are good and beautiful. But if you don’t think so, why would others like you? We need to make a change to construct a real social and cultural identity. Fashion should be your unique ability to show and express your emotions. Be confident, be you!

You need to find your way in your own to create art; because fashion is a form of art!